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Lucca & Co. offers clients a curated shopping experience infused with contemporary design and the world's most minimal and modern antique furniture and decorative objects. Lucca & Co.'s carefully edited lifestyle collection strikes a balance between a pared-down aesthetic and luxurious comfort and quality.

The showroom of Lucca & Co. intrigues the imagination with marvelous finds like a set of delicate ceramic bowls commissioned exclusively for Lucca & Co. by legendary artisan Christiane Perrochon. This rare and specialized collection is a mix of cultures and locations, but they still express the same sophisticated aesthetic with a strong voice.

Lucca & Co. creates an environment that is serene yet engaging. The collection is constantly evolving, influenced by its rustic namesake - Lucca, Italy - as well as the clean simplicity of Belgian style. Known for harmonious neutrals, extraordinary antiques and brilliantly juxtaposed periods, Lucca & Co. brings a sense of the otherworldly to the everyday.